New Essential Oil, Attar and Absolute Arrivals-March 8th 2011

New Essential Oil, Attar and Absolute Arrivals-March 8th 2011

Today several attars, absolutes, essential oils and natural perfume accords arrived from India

Attars(Sandalwood based)

Mitti-earth Attar
Gulab(Rosa damascena) attar
Motia(Jasmin sambac) attar

Essential Oils

Curry Leaf(Murraya koenigii) eo
Vetiver/Mitti( vetiver codistillation with clay pots)
As the cost of sandalwood continues to rise the idea arose to use the exact same process for making a vetiver based mitti attar as is done with the sandalwood based attar) The result is very nice.
The video on making mitti attar can be seen at:


Hojari Frankincense(Boswellia sacra)absolute(50% absolute in 50% fractionated coconut oil)
As reported early, in December I had a consignment of Hojari frankincense resin sent from Oman to our colleagues in India for the conversion of the resin to absolute using a cold extraction process using only alcohol as the extracting medium. Today that material has arrived. It is in a fractionated coconut oil base as the pure absolute is a thick unpourable stick mass at room temperature)

Natural Perfumery Accords
I have been working on a project with our colleagues in India to have a number of perfumery accords produced based on natural isolates. The Harlalka family with whom I have been associated with since the beginning of White Lotus Aromatics have extensive experience in all types of distillation of aromatic plants including fractional distillation. The natural isolates produced from the fractional distillation of the essential oils can be blended together to create lovely perfume accords that can serve as excellent base material for more complex perfumery work. They represent the key heart note fragrance of specific flowers, fruits, herbs, etc. The first three which we are offering on a trial basis are:
Rose Accord
Mango Accord
Jasmine Accord
Hopefully I shall be able to add to this list in the months to come as Ramakant Harlalkas's younger son, Nikunj, develops them.