Fougere Accord

Fougere Accord

Fougere Accord is based upon the lovely combination of lavender essential oil, tonka bean absolute and oakmoss absolute.

Fougere, which means "fern-like", is a perfume family which was created as a fantasy concept, with the idea that it (fougere) would capture the combined mossy, earthy, green aromas of the forest, the natural habitat of ferns.

Like many of the other members of the basic perfume family groups in its simple core construction is such that it acts as a perfect medium for integrating many types of essences into it, while maintaining its own rich, deep beauty. The Fougere Accord is at once a blender, modifier and fixative.

Within in the Fougere Family of perfumes can be found a number of subdivisions:

Leather fougere
essential oils-amber eo, birch tar eo, birch sweet eo, cade eo, mastic eo; opoponax eo, wintergreen eo
attars, ruhs and choyas choya loban, choya ral, choya nakh
absolutes opoponax abs; patchouli abs

Precious woods/aromatic fougere
essential oils-allspice eo aruacaria eo; basil, holy eo; bay rum eo; cabreuva eo; cardamon eo; cassia eo; cedar, red heartwood; cedar, atlas eo; cedar, virginia eo; cedar, himalaya eo; cinammon bark eo; cubeb eo; cumin seed eo; curry leaf eo; cypress eo; ginger eo; guaicawood eo; mace eo; muhuhu eo; nutmeg eo; patchouli eo; pepper eo; rosewood eo; sandalwood eo; siamwood wood eo; sugandh kokila eo; tomar seed eo; vetiver eo;
co2 extracts-cardamon co2; cassia co2; clove bud co2; cumin co2; fenugreek co2, juniper berry co2; nutmeg co2; orris root co2; pepper black co2; pepper pink co2; vetiver co2
attars, ruhs and choyas-majmua attar
absolutes allspice berry abs; cardamom abs; cedarwood abs; cinnamon bark abs; fenugreek abs; nutmeg abs; poplar bud abs; sandalwood abs

Fresh/Citrus fougere
essential oils-bergamot mint eo; citron eo; clementine eo; grapefruit eo; lemon eo; lemon essence eo; lemongrass eo; lemonbalm/melissa eo; lime eo; lime essence eo; litsea cubeba eo; mandarin red eo; mandarin green eo; orange bitter eo; orange sweet eo; orange blood eo; petitgrain mandarin eo; petitgrain combava eo; petitgrain bigarade eo; petitgrain lemon eo; petitgrain bergamot eo; tangerine eo; tangerine essence eo; verbena lemon eo;
yuzu eo

Oriental/Ambered fougere
essential oils-amber eo; ambrette seed eo; angelica root eo; balsam peru eo; cistus eo; frankincense eo; galbanum eo; labdanum eo; mastic eo; myrrh eo; patchoul eo; sage clary eo; spikenard eo; styrax eo; vetiver eo, zdravetz eo
co2 extracts-ambrette seed co2; angelica root co2; costus root co2; frankincense co2; galbanum co2; henna leaf co2; lovage root co2; saffron co2; turmeric co2; vetiver co2
attars, ruhs and choyas-agarwood amber attar; amberi attar; amberi kewda attar; amberi motia attar; amberi rose attar; musk black attar; majmua attar; shamama attar; agarwood attar; amber supreme attar, musk supreme attar; khus supreme attar

Floral fougere
essential oils-cananga eo; neroli eo; petitgrain sur fluer eo; rose pink/white codistillation eo; rose otto/ruh gulab; ylang eo;
co2 extracts-champa flower co2; jasmin sambac co2; magnoli lily co2;
attars, ruhs and choyas aurora attar, kailash attar; ruh kewda; ruh motia
absolutes carnation abs; cassie abs; frangipani abs; jasmin grandiflorum abs; jasmin sambac abs; jasmin flexile abs; jasmin auriculatum abs; linden blossom abs; lotus pink abs; lotus blue abs; lotus white abs; orange blossom abs; osmanthus abs; rosa bourbonia abs; rosa centifolia abs; rosa damascena abs; tuberose abs; white ginger lily abs; ylang abs

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