Essay on the Art of Perfumery by Edmond Roudnitska

There is a wonderful essay, Art of Perfumery by Edmond Roudnitska contained in the book-
Perfumes: art, science, and technology By P. M. Muller, Dietmar Lamparsky

The essay can be read at:
Art of Perfumery

One of the sections included in this essay is on How to Smell. It presents a complete technique for how the aspiring perfumer might develop their appreciation for the various essences that make up the perfumers palette.

This part of getting "to know" in an olfactory sense the complex characters of the different essential oils, absolutes, co2 extracts, etc that nature provides us with out of her abundant heart is a magical journey in itself, but it takes time and patience to cultivate that intimate relationship. By getting to know and appreciate the varied facets of each precious aromatic gem one is exploring one may gradually fine the key on how blend them into new fragrant creations that expresses the beauty one preceives in and around them.