Angelica Root(Angelica archangelia) Essential Oil/Hungary

Angelica Root(Angelica archangelia) Essential Oil/Hungary, UK

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Angelica root essential oil is a clear white to pale yellow liquid displaying a deep, earthy-rooty bouquet with a dry musky-woody-spicy undertone of good tenacity and soft radiant power

In natural perfumery used in Oriental bouquets, earth accords, fougere, chypre, colognes, culinary creations, incense notes, musk accord

"Angelica root oil is very highly esteemed in perfumery and flavor work. Its power is easily underestimated and it is an art in itself to use the oil correctly, and to adjust the application and concentration according to the invariable type variations in the various shipments even from the same producer. The oil blends well with patchouli, opoponax, costus, sage clary, vetiver, oakmoss, coumarin, etc in heavy chypres, Oriental bases, etc or in special citrus colognes and fougeres." Steffen Arctander

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