Agarwood(Aquilaria agallocha) essential oil/Assam, India

Agarwood/Oud(Aquilaria agallocha) essential oil/Assam, India

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Agarwood/Oud essential is a viscous liquid, sometimes soft solid mass which is amber in color to dark brown with olfactory properties which vary widely from batch to batch as the distillation of the oil is made from a resin which is produced when a fungus infects the heartwood of the tree.
In general one can say that it is possesses a strong, animalic, leathery earthy-rooty, precious woods odor of incredible tenacity. In the dry out phase a sweeter precious woods bouquet often emerges

Used in natural perfumery for incense perfumes, sacred essences, Oriental bases, chypres, precious woods accrds, fougeres

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