Stryax, Asian(Liquidamber orientalis) Absolute

Styrax, Asian(Liquidamber orientalis) Absolute

Asian Styrax Absolute clear pale yellow plastic solid(not pourable at room temperature hence must be heated to mix with alcohol or carrier oils)displaying a rich, sweet, balsamic/resinous bouquet with a delicate, dry, punguent-spicy undertone with good tenacity

In natural perfumery is used in incense bouquets, Oriental bases, fougere, spicy accords, amber accord, chypre floral notes(hyacinth, lilac, cassie, carnation, violet, hawthorn, magnolia, rose, apple blossom, verbena)

Blends well with

agarwood eo and co2
allspice eo, co2 and abs
ambari attar
amryris eo
angelica seed eo and abs
angelica root eo, co2 and abs
anise star eo and co2
aruacaria eo
benzoin absolute
birch sweet eo
black currant abs
bois de rose eo
boronia abs
cardamon seed eo, co2 and abs
carnation abs
cascarilla eo
cassia eo, co2 and abs
cedar eo and abs
champa golden abs
cinnamon eo, co2 and abs
cistus eo and abs
clove eo, co2 and abs
clover abs
coriander eo and co2
costus eo and co2
cumin eo, co2 and abs
cypress eo and abs
elemi eo and abs
fir eo and abs
flouve abs
frankincense eo, co2 and abs
galangal root eo
galbanum eo, co2 and abs
geranium eo and abs
guaicawood eo
gurjun balsam eo
hay absolute
helichrysum eo and abs
jasmin absolutes
jonquil abs
juniper berry eo, co2 and abs
kewda ruh and attar
labdanum eo and abs
lawang eo
lovage root eo and co2
lovage herb eo
mastic eo and abs
muhuhu eo
musk attar
myrrh eo, co2 and abs
nutmeg eo, co2 and abs
opoponax eo and abs
poplar bud abs
patchouli eo,co2 and abs
peru balsam eo and abs
pine needle eo abs
rose eo, co2 and abs
rosemary eo, co2 and abs
sandalwood eo, co2 and abs
sage clary eo and abs
siamwood eo
spikenard eo and co2
spruce eo and abs
tolu balsam eo and abs
tonka bean abs
tuberose abs
vetver ei, co2 and abs
valarian eo and co2