Sandalwood(Santalum austrocaledonicum) Absolute/Vanatu-New Caledonia

When I procured the flasks they were completely filled with the attar; they are now, and have been for years, quite empty. The soldering at the necks of the flasks is as perfect as ever, but the attar has exhaled through the silver of the flasks themselves. The flasks have been kept in a silver box lined with sandalwood; they were put among letters and various small curiosities. Although the attar has evaporated from the flasks, it remains as strong as ever among the letters and curiosities and the sandalwood of the box itself. The sandalwood, however, has imparted to the perfume of the attar a flavour rather oppressive, to our English tastes at least; for it is one which the natives of India greatly admire, and which they much prefer to that of the attar alone. The attar of roses, with which on occasions of ceremony they perfume themselves and their garments, is always mingled with a scent obtained from sandalwood.
Haunts and hobbies of an Indian official
By Mark Thornhill

Sandalwood(Santalum austrocaledonicum) Absolute/Vanatu-New Caledonia

Images of Sandalwood/New Caledonia-Vanatu

Sandalwood absolute is a pale yellow liquid displaying a soft, warm, balsamic, creamy, precioius woods bouquet, the olfactory profile of which remains stable throughout the lengthy dry-out phase

In natural perfumery it can be used in almost any composition as its gentle olfactory characteristics meld with a great diversity of essences. The absolute is one of the most esteemed fixatives known in the world of natural aromatics.

Blends well with just about any essence