Linden Blossom Absolute 30% in 70% perfumers alcohol

Linden Blossom Absolute(Tilia cordata) 30% in 70% perfumers alcohol

Linden Blossom Absolute in perfumers alcohol is a olive green liquid with a delicate, suave, fresh, floral, honeyed, green herbaceous bouquet with a warm, soft, powdery, coumarinic, tea-like undertone.

In natural perfumery can be used chypre; fougere; floral notes(freesia, gardenia, frangipani, hyacinth, jonquil, honeysuckle, magnolia, cassie, mimosa, lotus, orchid, violet, tulip, rose, sweet pea, freesia, lily of the valley); herbal accords; new mown hay; culinary perfumes; tea notes

Blends well with
amyris wood eo
bakul attar
basil eo's, co2 and abs
beeswax abs
benzoin abs
bergamot eo
bois de rose eo
blood orange eo
broom/genet abs
cabreuva eo
cassie abs
chamomile/english eo
chamomile blue abs, eo, co2
chamomile moroccan eo and abs
clary sage eo and abs
clove abs
davana eo and co2
fir balsam abs
flouve eo and abs
frangipani abs
genda attar
genet abs
geranium eo and abs
hay abs
helichrysum eo and abs
henna flower attar
ho wood and leaf eo
hop eo and abs
lavandin eo and abs
lavender eo, co2 and abs
lemon eo and essence
jonquil abs
lime eo and essence
mandarin eo and essence
mate abs
neroli eo
oakmoss abs
orange eo and essnce
orange flower abs
petitgrain eo's(combava, mandarin, lemon, bigarade)
raspberry leaf abs
rose otto and abs
tagetes eo
tonka bean abs

vanilla abs and co2
verbena abs and eo
yarrow eo and co2
ylang flower eo