Lavandin Absolutes(Lavandula hyrbrida) Absolute/France

Lavindin Absolutes(Lavandula hyrbrida) Absolute/France

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Lavindin absolute is an emerald green liquid displaying a fresh, sweet, green herbaceous bouquet with a delicate spicy-coumarinic-woody undertone

In naural perfumery used in colognes, new mown hay, forest notes, fougere, chypre, herbal bouquets, floral bases, amber bases

Blends well with
amber oil
ambrette seed eo, co2 and abs
anise star eo and co2
amyris eo
arnica abs
artemisia eo
atractylis abs and co2
basil eo, co2 and abs
bay leaf eo and abs
beeswax abs
birch sweet eo
blood orange eo
bergamot eo
bois de rose eo
cananga eo
cardamom eo, co2 and abs
celery seed eo, co2 and abs
chamomile blue eo, co2 and abs
chamomile english eo
chamomile morocco eo and ab
cistus eo and abs
clary sage eo and ab
clove bud eo, co2 and abs
clover sweet abs
costus eo and co2
cypress eo and abs
deertongue abs
eucalyptus citriodora eo
eucalyptus stagieriana
eucalyptus macarthii eo
fir needle eo and abs
flouve eo and abs
frankincense eo, co2 and abs
galbanum abs
geranium eo and abs
guiacawood eo
gurjun balsam eo
hay abs
helichrysum eo and abs
ho wood eo
ho leaf eo
hyssop eo and co2
hop eo and co2
juniperberry eo, co2 and abs
labdanum eo and abs
laurel leaf eo and abs
lavindin eo and abs
lemon eo and essence
lemon balm eo, co2 and abs
lemon verbena eo and abs
lime eo and essence
mace eo and co2
marjoram eo and co2
mastic abs
mate abs
mimosa abs
myrrh eo, co2 and abs
myrtle eo
neroli eo
oakmoss abs
opoponax abs
orange sweet eo and essence
orange bitter eo
orangeblossom abs
peppermint eo, co2 and as
pennyroyal eo
petitgrain eo's
raspberry leaf abs
rosemary eo,co2 and abs
spruce eo and abs
tarragon eo, co2 and abs
thyme eo, co2 and abs
tonka bean abs
sage eo and co2
spruce eo and abs
vanilla abs and co2
yarrow eo and co2
ylang eo and abs
wintergreen eo