Description of Olfactory Properties of Absolutes from White Lotus Aromatics

Description of Olfactory Properties of Absolutes from White Lotus Aromatics

Aglaia odorata Seed Absolute/China

Allspice Berry/Pimenta dioica Absolute/West Indies

Ambrette Seed Absolute/Abelmoschus moschatus/India wild harvest

Balsam Peru/Myroxylon balsamum pereirae absolute Wild harvest/South America

Basil(Ocimum basilicum) Absolute/Australia

Beeswax(Apis mellifera) Absolute/France

Cardamom(Elettaria cardamomum) Absolute/India

Currant, Black(Ribes nigra) absolute

Carnation Absolute(Dianthus caryophylla)/Egypt

Cassie Absolute

Cedar,White(Thuja orientalis) Absolute/Canada

Chamomile, Blue/Matricaria recutita Absolute

Cinnamon bark/Cinnamomum cassia absolute/Vietnam

Clove Bud Absolute

Clover, Sweet/Melilotus officinalis absolute/France

Cocoa Absolute

Fir Balsam/Abies Balsamea Absolute Canada

Frankincense, India/Boswellia serrata absolute India wild harvest

Galbanum/Ferula galbaniflua absolute

Hay, Green Absolute

Helichrysum italicum absolute

Jasminum auriculatum(Juhi) Absolute/India

Jasminum flexile absolute/India

Jasminum grandiflorum(Chameli)Absolute/India

Jasminum sambac(Motia)absolute/Canada

Labdanum, Clear(Cistus ladanifer) Absolute

Lavender(Lavandula angustifolia) Absolute/France

Lavandin Absolutes(Lavandula hyrbrida) Absolute/France

Ligustrum quihoi absolute/China

Linden Blossom(Tilia cordata) Absolute/France

Lotus Blue(Nymphaea caerula) Absolute/Sri Lanka

Lotus White(Nelumbo nucifera) Absolute/India

Pink Lotus(Nelumbo nucifera) Absolute/India

Marigold/Tagetes minuta absolute

Mushroom/Cepes/Boletus edulis absolute/France

Oakmoss(Evernia prunastri) Absolute

Olive Leaf/Olea europaea Absolute

Osmanthus(Osmanthus fragrans) Absolute/China

Peppermint(Mentha piperita) Absolute/France

Pine Needle Absolute

Poplar Bud(Populus balsamifera) Absolute/Canada

Rose, Damask(Rosa damascena) Absolute/Turkey

Rose, Edward(Rosa bourbonia) Absolute/India

Rosemary(Rosmarinus officinalis Absolute 50% in 50% perfumers alcohol/France

Sage, Clary/Salvia sclarea Absolute

Seaweed/Fucus spp. Absolute

Spruce, Blue Hemlock/Tsuga canadensis absolute

Styrax/Liquidamber styraciflua absolute/Honduras

Tea, Green Absolute(50% absolute in 50% 190% proof undenatured perfumers alcohol0/French extracted

Thyme(Thymus vulgaris) Absolute 50% in 50% undenatured perfumers alcohol/France

Tonka Bean/Dipteryx odorata Absolute

Tuberose Absolute(Polianthes tuberosa)/India

Vanilla Absolute(Vanilla planifolia)/Madagascar

Violet Lea(Viola odorata) Absolute/South Africa

Wheat/Ble(Triticum aestivum) Absolute/France

White Ginger Lily(Hedychium coronarium) Absolute/India

Ylang(Cananga odorata var.genuina) Absolute/Comoros