Thyme Group of Essences

Essences in the Thyme group include Ajowan eo; Thyme eo; Savory eo

Aromatic terms used to describe these essences are fresh, powerful, punguent intense, sharp, warm, medicinal, terpeny, phenolic, aromatic, herbaceous, green, spicy, green-cuminic.

Blends well with;
ajowan eo
arnica abs, co2 and eo
betel eo
black currant abs
boldo leaf eo
cajuput eo
calmintha eo
camphor eo
cardamon eo, co2 anda abs
chenopodium eo
citrus eo's
cubeb eo
eucalytus eo
fennel eo and co2
fir needle eo
lavindin eo and abs
laurel leaf eo and abs
lavender eo, co2 and abs
lovage leaf eo
mace eo and co2
marjoram eo and co2
mate abs
myrtle eo
niaouli eo
nutmeg eo, co2 and abs
oakmoss abs
oregano eo and co2
pepper pink eo and co2
pine needle eo and abs
ravintsara eo
ravensara eo
rosemary eo, co2 and abs
sage eo and abs
savin eo
savory eo
seaweed eo
thyme eo, co2 and abs
turpentine eo

In natural perfumery trace amounts of the thyme group of essences can be used very effectively in fougere, chypres, cologne, after shave lotions etc.