Grassy, Fresh, Lemon-like Essences

Grassy, Fresh, Lemon-like Essences

Lemon myrtle(Backhousia citriodora) eo-fresh, lemon-like, sweet-green undertone, clean
Eucalyptus staigeriana eo-sweet, fresh , fruity -lemony
Lemongrass(Cymbopogon citratus and C. flexuousus)-strong, fresh-grassy, lemon-like, herbaceous, tea-like, sweet
Lemon Tea Tree(Leptospermum petersoni) eo-stong, fresh, sweet, sharp, punguent
May chang(Litsea cubeba) eo-lemon-like, fresh, swweet, soft, sweet fruity
Lemon balm(Melissa officinalis) eo-pleasant, sweet, lemon-like, delicate floral, green herbaceoous
Verbena, Lemon(Lippia citriodora) eo-fresh, lemon-like, sweet and fruity bodynote
Verbena,Spanish(Thymus hiemalis) eo-powerful, fresh, lemon-like, herbaceous, rich and sweet, sage-like undertone

These essences blend well with:
amyris eo
bay leaf eo
benzoin abs
bergamot eo
blood orange eo
bois de rose eo
caraway eo and co2
cardamon eo, co2 and abs
carrot seed eo, co2 and abs
cassia bark eo and co2
cassie abs
citronella eo
clary sage eo and abs
clove bud eo, co2 and abs
clove leaf eo
coriander eo and co2
elemi eo and abs
fir needle eo's
galbanum eo, co2 and abs
geranium eo and abs
grapefruit eo and essence
hay abs
ho leaf eo
how wood eo
jasmine abs
lavender eo, co2 and abs
lemonbalm eo, co2 an abs
lemongrass eo
lemon eo and essence
lime eo and essence
litsea cubeba eo
mimosa abs
neroli eo
orange bitter eo
palmarosa eo
petitgrain eo's
tonka bean abs
vanilla bean abs and cow
verbena eo
violet leaf abs
yuzu eo and abs
ylang abs and eo

In natural perfumery used in colognes, soap perfumes rose bases, herbal accords, floral perfumes(top notes), chypres, after shave lotion

Perfume notes from Steffen Aratanders Perfume and Flavor Materials of Natural origin-

Eucalyptus staigeriana-"The particular odor of this oil makes it immediately interesting for use in fresh-rosy type of soap perfume, detergent fragrances, etcBut its stability in soap is not particularly good.."

Lemon Tea Tree-"The power and diffusiveness or the oil is simply striking. It is an excellent base for detergents or soap-flake perfumes of the citronella or lemongrass-lemon type. In minute quantities, it will impart a sweet freshness to colognes, fougeres, lavenders for saop, air refreshners etc"

May Chang eo-"For use in perfumes, litsea cubeba oil could replace lemongrass to a certain degree, but the Chinese oil would probably find better use in artificial verbena bases, colognes, household sprays, air refreshners..."

Verbena, Lemon eo-"Verbena oil found some use in the "old-fashioned citrus colognes where it offered a delightful freshness and clean top note, superior to the effects that could be obtained with lemon oil 30-40 years ago. A special "Eau de Verveine" is still known and fairly popular in France and Central Europe, South America, etc. For this purpose the verbena oil was blended with citrus oils, neroli oil, palmarosa oil, heliotropine, iononees, nitromusks, aldehydes, spice oils, olibanum, tolu or elemi resinoid..."

Lemon, Spanish eo-"used in colognes, chypres, after shave lotion perfumes, etc"