Fresh, Spicy, Woody Essences

Fresh, Spicy, Woody Essences

In this category are included cascallia eo; laurel leaf eo and abs; mace eo and co2; marjoram, sweet eo and co2; myrtle eo; nutmeg eo, co2 and abs

Aromatic terms associated with the individual essences in Fresh, Spicy, Woody essence group-

Cascarilla eo(Croton eluteria)-strong, spicy, aromatic, warm-woody, peppery, unusual diffusiveness and power
Laurel leaf eo and abs(Laurus nobilis)-fresh, strong, sweet, aromatic-camphoraceous, spicy medicinal
Mace eo and co2(Myristica fragrans) fresh, spicy, warm, rich, balasmic
Marjoram, sweet(Origanum majorana)-warm, spicy, aromatic, camphoracous, woody
Nutmeg eo and co2-fresh, warm-spicy, aromatic, terpeny topnote(essential oil)

This group blends well with the following essences

agarwood eo and co2
amber eo
ambari attar
amyris eo
angelica root eo, co2 and abs
atractylis root eo and abs
bay leaf eo
beeswax abs
cabreuva eo
cananga eo
cascarilla eo
cassia eo and co2
caraway eo and co2
cardamon abs, co2 and eo
cedarwood eo's and absolutes
cinnamon bark eo, co2 and abs
cinnamon leaf eo
cistus eo and abs
clary sage eo and abs
clove bud eo, co2 and abs
copaiba balsam eo
coriander eo, co2 and abs
cubeb eo
cypress eo, co2 and abs
elder flower abs
fir needle eo's and abs
elemi eo and abs
estragon/tarragon eo and abs
frankincense eo, co2 and abs
galbanum eo, co2 and abs
ginger eo, co2 and abs
gurjun balsam eo
hay abs
hemlock spruce eo and abs
ho wood eo
how leaf eo
hyssop eo and co2
juniperberry eo, co2 and abs
labdanum eo and abs
lavindin eo and abs
lavender eo, co2 and abs
mace eo, co2 and abs
mastic eo and abs
mimosa abs
muhuhu eo
myrrh eo, co2 anda bs
nutmeg abs, eoc and co2
oakmoss abs
opoponax eo, co2 and abs
patchouli eo, co2 and abs
pepper black eo and co2
peru balsam eo and abs
pimento berry eo, co2 and abs
pine needle eo and abs
rose otto, co2 and abs
rosemary eo, co2 anda bs
sage eo and co2
sandalwood eo, co2 and abs
spikenard eo and co2
tansy eo and abs
tea tree eo
tolu balsam eo and abs
tonka bean abs
turmeric eo and co2
vanilla abs and co2
vetiver eo, co2 and abs
ylang eo and abs
zeodary bark eo

In natural perfumery this group of essences is used in spice note, incense bouquets, Oriental perfumes, precious woods accord, culinary creations, culinary creations

Notes on perfumery uses from Steffen Artanders Perfume and Flavor Materials of Natural Origi

Cascarilla oil-"The very complex note of spiceneness and the warm, woody undertone has intrigued many perfumers to use cascarilla oil in high class perfumes. It was even claimed that l'origan contained this as one of its'key' ingredients(if one can uses such an expression at all about a creation)But the oil does present interesting notes in chypre bases, tabac-types, Oriental perfumes, men's fragrances, fantasy colognes, etc"
Laurele eo-"In perfumes, the fresh and warm camphoraceous noes blend well with citrus oils, spice oils, bay leaf oil, pine needle oils, juniperberry oils, cypress, sage clary, rosemary, etc. It produces interesting notes with olibanum, labdanum and lavender. The oil also finds use in aldehydice types of air freshners, and as a modifier or 'twist" note in men's colognes , after shaves,etc
Mace eo-"In perfumery, mace extract finds some use along with other spicy and warm-aromatic materials for men's colognes, after-shaves, fougeres, chypres, in modern fantasy lotion perfumes etc."
Marjoram, sweet-"in perfumery introuces a fresh, slightly medicinal-aromatic, warm note to fougeres, colognes, Oriental bases.."
Nutmeg eo-"The oil has found increasing use in perfumery lately for the modern "spicy" perfumes and for "men's frangrances in after shaves and other lotions. Small additions in fantasy bouquets or aldehydic perfumes, florals, chypres, etc and have interesting effects
Nutmeg abs- used "in old fashioned types of Oriental perfume where in produces delightful effects in combination with sandalwood, vetiver, cypriol, sage clary, oakmoss, lavender absolute, tonka absolute, labdanum extracts, bergamot oil, pachouli oil, geranium oil etc. Minute additions of nutmeg extract can have very interesting effects in rose bases etc."