Bitter, Herbaceous, Phenolic or Medicinal group of essences

Bitter, Herbaceous, Phenolic or Medicinal group of essences

Aromatic terms related to individual essences in this group:

Betel essential oil-phenolic, tar like, smoky

Calendula abs(Calendula officinalis)-intense bitter, green herbacous

Mate absolute(Ilex paraguanyensis)-rich-herbaceous, green, dry-leafy, woody-foliage like, phenlolic, smoky, medicinal

Oregano eo(Origanum vulgare)-powerful, refreshing, green-camphoraceous spicy-herbaceous, medicinal, phenolic, dry-woody

Blends well with
ajowan eo
agarwood eo and co2
aglaia odorata seed abs
amberi attar
ambrette seed eo, co2 and abs
amyris eo
anise eo
anise star eo and co2
angelica root eo, co2 and abs
angelica seed eo and co2
araucaria eo
arnica abs
artemisia eo's
balsam gurjum eo
benzoin abs
bergamot eo
betel eo
birch, sweet eo
black currant abs
bois de rose/rosewood eo
cabreuva eo
calamus eo and co2
camphor eo
cananga eo
carrot seed eo, co2 and abs
cascarilla eo
cassia bark eo, co2 and abs
cedarwood eo's(viriginia, himalayan, atlas)
cedarleaf eo
champaca abs
cinnamon bark eo, co2 and abs
cistus eo and abs
clary sage eo and ab
copaiba balsam eo
costus root eo and co
clover sweet abs
cypress eo ad abs
feneel sweet eo
frankincense eo, co2 and abs
hay abs
ho leaf eo
ho wood eo
hyssop eo
juniperberry eo, co2 and abs
labdanum eo and abs
laurel leaf eo and abs
lovage leaf eo
lovage root eo, co2 and abs
marigold abs
marjoram eo and co2
mate abs
myrrh eo, co2 and abs
muhuhu eo
musk black attar
nagarmotha eo, co2 and abs
nigella damascena eo and abs
nigella sativa eo and abs
oakmoss abs
opoponax eo and abs
oregano eo, co2 and abs
patchouli eo, co2 and abs
peru balsam abs and eo
pimpinella eo
pine eo's and abs
poplar bud eo and abs
rosemary eo, co2 and abs
sage eo and co2
sandalwood eo, co2 and abs
savory eo
seaweed abs
shamama attar
siamwood eo
spikenard eo and co2
spurce eo's and abs
styrax eo and abs
tansy eo
thyme eo, co2 and abs
tolu balsam abs
tonka abs
valarian eo and co2
vanilla co2 and abs
vetiver eo, co2 and abs
wintergreen eo
wormwood eo
ylang eo, co2 and abs

In natural perfumery used in colognes, new mown hay, fougere, herbal accords, fougere, chypres, forest notes.

Quotations on perfumery uses taken from Steffen Arctander's Perfume and Flavor Material of Natural Origin

Marigold absolute-"Its very peculiar note and intense color, however, limits the use of marigold absolute to fancy perfume types, modern aldehydic-herbaceous types where the green "crush-stalk" note may be called for and it gives interesting effects with oakmoss, mate extract, tea leaf extract, cypriol, iso cycle citral, etc Traces of the absolute can be useful in hyacinth, lilac, gardenia, reseda, moss-bases, etc"

Mate absolutes are" used in perfumery to introduce a pronounced greeness in floral bouquets. The green notes of mate are free of the sharpness which usually accompanies the "green" odor materials...In the reproduction of natural fragrance or substitutes for natural perfume materials, mate absolute can often add the missing notes to the match(duplication). In fougeres, new mown hay or meadowsweet fragrances, it lends a rich body and herbal undertone of unique tenacity...."

Oregano eo-"Trace amounts of origanum oil are useful for top note effects in citrus colognes, fougeres, forest note, chypres, lavender-colognes, spicy-herbacous after shave fragrances and lotions etc..."