Vetiver/Frangipani codistilled essential oil

Vetiver(Vetiveria ziazaniodes)/Frangipani(Plumeria alba) codistilled essential oil

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Today I will be commencing a series on the codistilled vetiver essential oils which we stock. This project of codistillation of vetiver with a variety of fragrant flowers of India began when Ramakant Harlalka, the man with whom I traveled many times in India, saw that the traditional attar industry which has existed for hundreds of years could not be sustainable in the years to come due to the high cost of sandalwood which is the base of all traditional attars. So he decided to develop his own codistillation methods using vetiver as the base for this new type of "attar." Vetiver is a renewable resource and his son, in fact, is responsible for the growing and distillation of vetiver in the state of Chittisgarh where they have a large piece of property. Other distillation units near Haridwar in the foothills of the Himalayas, and north of Mumbai where many fragrant flowers are grown locally(frangipani, lotus, tuberose, jasmin, white ginger lily, etc) makes it possible to offer a fine selection of these precious coextractions. Over the last two years many improvements have been made in the codistillation process with the result these essences have become exquisite aromatic jewels.

Vetiver/Frangipani codistilled essential oil is a golden mobile liquid which captures the high, sweet, fresh ethereal/fruity notes of the frangipani flower. As with all the vetiver/flower codistillations there is a very fine pleasing earthy/rooty undertone which the vetiver roots impart to the oil. It compliments very well the flowers which are codistilled with it. Due to the fine fixative effects possessed by vetiver, the oil continues to radiate its gentle beauty for many hours on the perfumery strip.
My experience with the codistilled vetiver/flower oils is that this technique is superb for capturing the head to heart note spectrum of aromas that are present in the flowers whereas the absolute of the same flower produced by extracting the essence with hexane/alcohol captures the heart to base notes present in the flower. In my experience of frangipani absolute(which I greatly appreciate and love) this ethereal topnote which is in the vetiver/frangipani is seldom present to any great degree.

Vetiver/frangipani essential oil possesses sufficient strength to be used in creative perfumery work. It blends well with ambrette seed eo, co2 and abs; boronia abs; cassie abs; citus eo's; davana eo and co2; fir balsam abs; ginger eo, co2 and abs; galanga eo and co2; gulhina attar; hyacinth abs; jasmine absolutes(auriculatum, sambac, grandiflorum); jasmin sambac co2; massoia bark eo and co2; melilotus abs; mimosa abs; neroli eo; orange blossom abs; osmanthus abs; petitgrain oils(combava, bergamot, lemon, bigarade, mandarin); sage clary eo and abs; sandalwood eo, co2 and abs; siamwood eo; tuberose abs; vanilla abs and co2; white ginger lily abs; ylang eo and abs; zdravetz eo and co2

In natural perfumery can be used in tropical bouquets, oriental florals, sacred perfumes, sweet floral bouquets

An indescribably sweet odour hung in the air, an odour which seemed to be the very essence of all sweet flowers; and which turned out mainly the scent of frangipani and allamanda.
The Cruise of the Shidzuoka by Gregory Mason

It was a delicious morning, but it was getting too hot for comfort out of doors, even in the shade of the orange trees; and it was pleasant to sit in the cool green light of the shaded room, and listen to the music of bird and bee and childish laughter, floating in with the scent of frangipani and mignonette through the open windows.
MacMillans Magazine-March 1899

Berona is a toy territory in the far
Western Hemisphere. It is a fair
realm of feathery foliage and flaming
flowers. Bright-hued birds flit among
the starry blossoms in the purple
shadows of lime and palm, and bril-
liant creeping things flash like jewels
on the broad green leaves of the low-
growing tree-ferns or stud the dun
earth with flying points of fire. The
heavy scent of frangipani and wild
stephanotis, blent with a million lesser
odours, seems wonderfully attuned to
the endless, melancholy plash of the
sea-waves on the silver sand.

I visited the Temple of the Tooth at the time of the evening
service, half-past six. Worshippers were crowding in. Each
went first to a fountain within the temple wall, where he poured
water on his feet and hands, and then bought flowers from vend-
ors who stood near by with baskets laden with them. These
flowers are, first, the rich and fragrant charapac, or frangipani,
the flower of the temple-tree, and, second, the blossom of the
ironwood, or na-tree. They are all white, with a slight dash of
pink. Their perfume fills all the sacred spaces. The air hangs
heavy, and surfeits one with the combined fragrance.
"Indika: The Country and the People of India and Ceylon"
John Fletcher Hurst