Rosa damascena/Damask Rose CO2 select extract

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Rosa damascena CO2 Select Extract-

The technique of co2 extraction has wonderful applications with natural aromatic botanicals but its main drawback has been in the fact that the equipment is very expensive and requires a good deal of expertise to keep the extraction units running smoothly and within the specific parameters for each material. The main materials that have traditionally been extracted have been those which are easy to transport to the site where the extraction units are located. Mainly dried herbs, spices, roots, etc have been used for CO2 extraction. Sometimes the hexane extracted floral concretes like with rosa damascena, ylang, jasmin grandiflorum, and jasmin sambac have been extracted to produce a select co2 extract but there are only a few places in the world where direct extraction of the flowers is now taking place to my knowledge. One is in Bulgaria for the extraction of the fresh flowers of Rosa alba/White Rose and Rosa damascena/Damask Rose and the other is in China where the fresh flowers of Jasmin sambac and White Champa/Michelia alba are extracted directly.

Recently I received samples of several co2 extracts from Bulgaria with which I was tremendously pleased and so have decided to start offering them. The first CO2 select extract to be described will be that of Rosa damascena/Damask Rose. Again I would like to mention that this is the direct extraction of the flowers.

The Rosa damascena select co2 extract is a translucent golden soft waxy mass that rapidly becomes liquid with gentle heat. The co2 extract displays a delicate sweet, warm, ethereal true roseaceous aroma with a very radiannt, rich floral/spicy/honey like dryout with outstanding tenacity. To me in represents the most perfect expression of the damask rose aroma I have yet encountered combining the finest components of the rose otto/essential oil and the absolute. The power of the co2 extracts bouquet is best understood if it is studied over many hours.

Rosa damascena co2 extract can be used in a wide variety of creative compositions and even in trace amounts will elevate many high quality perfumes to a very high level. It could easily act as a single note perfume without the addition of any other components other than a exalting fixative like sandalwood. But in a classic sense it could be used to create extraordinary perfumes when used in conjuction with Jasmin grandiflorum abs, orange blossom absolute, neroli eo, beeswax absolute, honey absolute, broom/genet absolute, jasmin auriculatum abs, white lotus abs, pink lotus abs, ambrette seed eo and abs, fir balsam absolute.
Other materials with which rosa damscena co2 blends beautifully are amberi attar; aruacaria eo; benzoin abs, bergamot eo; cardamon eo, o2 and abs; cassia bark eo and co2; cassie abs; clary sage eo and abs; clove bud eo, co2 and abs; geranium abs and eo; guaicawood eo; lemon eo and lemon essence; lemongrass "rhodinol rich"; mace eo and co2; mimosa abs; musk black attar; narcissus abs; nutmeg eo, co2 and abs; oakmoss abs; orris root eo, co2 and abs; patchouli eo, co2 and abs; rose leaf abs; styrax resinoid, eo and abs; tonka bean abso; tuberose abs; vanilla abs; verbena abs and eo; vetiver eo and co2; violet leaf abs; ylang eo and abs
In natural perfumery can be used in sweet floral bases, oriental compositions, chypres, sacred perfumes, culinary creations historical bouquets


Just inside the garden gate
A damask rose bush stood;
'Twas the most prolific bloomer
In all the neighborhood.

We nourished it with strengthening soil
And artificial showers.
And in return year after year
It paid us back in flowers.

We children often used to go
And linger, watch and wait,
For buds to follow frost and snow.
On the rose bush by the gate.

And when at last a blush of pink
Began to faintly show,
And buds from dewdrops sip and drink,
So cautiously and slow.

The little folks in childish glee,
Would walk up on tiptoes,
To peep in through the garden gate,
To see the first new rose.

And through the sunny month of June,
In sunshine and the rain.
The birds would come with voice in tune,
To sing their sweet refrain.

Sometimes they lit upon the bush,
And sniffed the sweet perfume ;
Then sung their songs as if to thank.
The roses for their bloom.

Some, while in their sweetest bloom,
Were gathered with great care
And placed up in the old spare room,
To shed their fragrance there.

The old vase on the mantelpiece
Received a generous share.
And there both clasped in fond embrace,
Looked like a loving pair.

Mother alone would often glean
Leaves from the fairest rose,
And carefully lay them in between
Her baby-s Sunday clothes.

Their fragrance sweet would penetrate
The garments through and through.
And lead the mind back through the gate
To where the roses grew.

And when the roses ceased to bloom.
Their beauty fade away,
Our hearts were almost filled with gloom.
To think they could not stay.

The vase upon the mantelpiece.
And tidy old spare room,
Long retained a lingering trace.
Of mellowed, sweet perfume.

There's many dear and pretty things.
To which fond memory goes.
And in return it often brings.
The sweet old damask rose.