New Aromatic Absolute Products from White Lotus Aromatics

New Aromatic Absolute Products from White Lotus Aromatics

Today I am beginning a new set of blogs on absolutes in 33% dilution in fractionated coconut oil. For 10 plus years now I have been working with absolutes in their pure form but the problem is from a packing vantage point is that many are very difficult to work with because they are solid waxy, granular or plastic masses at room temperature. So each and every time a customer orders even a sample of one of these types of absolutes, one needs to first gently heat the container in which it is kept until it becomes a flowable liquid and then one has to pour it into glass jars of various sizes according to what has been ordered. Then the absolute again solidifies and when the customer receives it, they have to go through the same process of melting it, and then mixing it with different carrier oils, essential oils, perfumers alcohol etc.

In this process many times customers who were not acquainted with the various physical properties of absolutes(thinking that they might somehow be like most fluid essential oils) were surprised when they received the solid absolutes and had to go through the process of learning to work with them. Considering all these things, I decided that the time had come to offer the difficult to work with absolutes in dilution so that customers could receive them and begin their creative work without the delays created by getting such absolutes into a fluid form.

Over the years I have worked with many different carrier oils(jojoba, baobab, almond, apricot seed, tamanu, rose hip, etc) each possessing its own unique virtues. But of them all I felt that fractionated coconut oil possessed the best virtues for diluting the absolutes in that the oil has not order of its own, has a nice velvety texture, and has a very long shelf life. I decided on using a 33% dilution of the absolutes in the fractionated coconut oil because the essence could be totally absorbed into it and yet remain a pourable liquid. It would also give the user a potent perfume strength dilution of the absolute which could be further diluted depending on the application.

Another great advantage to the diluted absolutes is that it gives the user a chance to study it in a decompressed form. Absolutes are highly concentrated aromatic entities and in order to get some sense of their unique personalities one needs to dilute them so that that one has a place via which one can more easily make their acquaintance. 33% is of course a very high concentration of essence but one can easily dilute the absolute further if they wish.

Some of the absolutes that we will be offering only in dilution are Black Currant, Cedarwood(White), Fir Balsam, Galbanum, Hay, Mimosa, Sage(clary), Spruce(Blue Hemlock) Tonka Bean. I will now start adding other absolutes which I was reluctant to carry because of the difficulties inherent in melting and pouring. These will include Angelica Root, Arnica, Broom/Genet, Calendula, Chrysathemum, Frankincense(India) Lentisque/Mastic, Chamomile(blue), Chamomile(Moroccan), Cistus, Elemi, Eucalyptus(I recently received a sample of Eucalyptus absolute and it is a wonderful unique material), Lovage Root, Marigold, Mango Leaf, Mate, Melilotus(Sweet Clover), Myrrh, Opoponax, Orris Root, Peru Balsam, Rose Leaf, Tolu Balsam, Styrax, etc