Helichrysum italicum/Everlasting/Immortelle absolute

Helichrysum italicum

Helichrysum italicum/Everlasting/Immortelle absolute

The helichrysum absolute is a transparent gold plastic mass(hence must be heated to become a fluid at which point it can be mixed with alcohol or carrier oils) with an elegant honeyed, rich, spicy, powdery bouquet with an sweet, herbaceous, coumarinic, licorice-like undertone. As the dryout deepens a lovely, rich, heavy fruity note comes to the forefront.

It is a very complex essence and diluting it allows one to study the various dimensions of its personalities in a more complete way. As a pure absolute it is a solid waxy mass with much of its sublime aroma trapped within its solid composition. The tenacity is exceptional as is the case with many absolutes. In the process of preparing the concrete the pigments, resins, floral waxes, etc are extracted from the plant along with the volatile oil and when the concrete is converted to absolute the alcohol soluble constituents of the plant which includes a certain percentage of the lipophilic constitents remain in the final product. It is for this reason that a significant number of absolutes are solid at room temperature. The chemistry of the absolute and consequently its olfactory properties tends to be somewhat different than the same distilled essential oil of that specific plant(in the case of Helichrysum an essential oil is also produced) There are definitely some overlapping olfactory properties but there are also distinct differences. The absolutes tend to capture the heart and base notes of the flower beautifully whereas often times the top to heart notes are captured in the essential oil. It is for this reason that a combination of the essential oil and absolute give a more full spectrum aroma of the flower. And as mentioned above-many absolutes have superior fixative qualities. For those wishing to blend the helichrysum abs/fractionated coconut oil dilution in alcohol, it perfectly blends with 190% proof undenatured perfumers alcohol and presents itself is a transparent gold liquid.

Blends well with aglaia odorata abs; allspice eo, co2 and abs; ambrette seed eo, co2 and abs; aruacaria eo; bay leaf eo and abs; beeswax abs; benzoin resinoid and abs; bois de rose eo; boronia abs; broom/genet abs; cassia bark eo and co2; cassie abs; chamomile eo's and abs(roman/english, blue/german, moroccan)citrus eo's(tangerine, lime, lemon, orange, grapefruit);clary sage eo and abs; clove bud eo, co2 and abs; davana eo, co2 and abs; fir balsam abs; flouve eo and abs; guiacawood eo; gulhina attar; hay abs; honey abs; lavindin eo and abs; lavender eo, co2 and abs; lemongrass rhodinol rich; melilotus abs; melisa/lemonbalm eo, co2 and abs; mimosa abs; neroli eo; orange blossom abs; palmarosa eo;patchouli eo, co2 and abs; peru balsam eo, co2 and abs; rose eo and abs(bourboniana, centifolia and damascena); tolu balsam eo, resinoid and abs; tonka bean abs; verbena eo and abs; vetiver eo, co2 and abs

In natural perfumery it is wonderful in herbal bouquets, new mown hay, high class florals; culinary creations, roseaceous notes, tea blends, oriental bouquets

"Perhaps the herb everlasting (Helichrysum italicum), the fragrant immortelle of our autumn field, has the most suggestive odor to me of all those that set me dreaming. I can hardly describe the strange thoughts and emotions that come to me as I inhale the aroma of its pale, dry, rustling flowers. A something it has of sepulchral spicery, as it had been brought from the core of some great pyramid, where it was laid on the breast of some mummified Pharoh. Something, too, of immortality in the sad, faint sweetness lingering so long in its lifeless petals. Yet this does not tell why it fills my eyes with tears and carries me in blissful thought to the banks of asphodel that border the River of Life. "
--from Scent Memories by Francis Jacox