Fragrance in Literature-The Elves -Ludwig Tieck

The Elves -Ludwig Tieck

"But who are you, then?" said Mary, while again descending to the flowery
fragrance; "or have you no name at all?"
"We are called the Elves," replied the friendly child; "people talk about
us in the Earth, as I have heard."

"The King is coming!" said the little one; "many of us have never seen
him, and whithersoever he turns his face, there is happiness and mirth;
we have long looked for him, more anxiously than you look fix spring when
winter lingers with you; and now he has announced, by his fair herald;
that he is at hand. This wise and glorious Bird, that has been sent to us
by the King, is called Phoenix; he dwells far off in Arabia, on a tree,
which there is no` other that resembles it on Earth, as in like manner
there is no second Phoenix. When he feels himself grown old, he builds a
pile of balm and incense, kindles it, and dies singing; and then from the
fragrant ashes, soars up the renewed Phoenix with unlessened beauty. It
is seldom he so wings his course that men behold him; and when once in
centuries this does occur, they note it in their annals, and expect
remarkable events. But now, my friend, thou and I must part; for the
sight of the King is not permitted thee."
She kept, however, by the playmate who had first met her; for Zerina was
the kindest and loveliest of them all. Little Mary cried and cried again:
"I will stay with you forever; I will stay with you, and you shall be my
sisters"; at which the children all laughed, and embraced her. "Now we
shall have a royal sport," said Zerina. She ran into the palace, and
returned with a little golden box, in which lay a quantity of seeds, like
glittering dust. She lifted of it with her little hand, and scattered
some grains on the green earth. Instantly the grass began to move, as in
waves; and, after a few moments, bright rosebushes started from the
ground, shot rapidly up, and budded all at once, while the sweetest
perfume filled the place. Mary also took a little of the dust, and,
having scattered it, she saw white lilies, and the most variegated pinks,
pushing up. At a signal from. Zerina, the flowers disappeared, and others
rose in their room.