Narcissus-"Des Plaines"(Narcissus poeticus) Absolute/France

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Narcissus "Des Plaines" Absolute(Narcissus poeticus)/France
There are two types of Narcissus absolute. The first is Des Plains which comes from the cultivated Narcissus and the second is "Des Montagnes" which is from wild harvested Narcissus. The odor of the cultivated and the wild harvested absolutes are very different. I have only done the olfactory evaluation of the cultivated Narcissus absolute.
The Des Plaines Narcissus absolute is a dark amber colored viscous liquid has a mild, rich, sweet, floral bouquet with a delicate green herbaceous, honeyed-balsamic undertone with good tenacity. Deeper into the dry out a lovely sweet hay-like, fruity note nestles amidst the other notes. Also as the initial notes disperse into the air the absolute begins to develop a warm, soft but quiet radiance. In the beginning the aroma seems to stay close to its core notes but with time extends deeper into the environment

Blends well with beeswax absolute; bakul attar; broom abs; boronia absolute; cabreuva eo; cassie absolute; clove bud absolute; champa, golden abs; elderflower abs; hay absolute; helichrysum abs and eo; henna flower attar; honey absolute; frangipani absolute jonquil abs; kadam attar; mimosa abs; neroli eo night queen abs; orange flower absolute; osmanthus absolute parijata attar; rosa bourbonia abs; rose de mai absolute; saffron co2 and abs; sandalwood eo, co2 and abs; tuberose absolute and attar; vanilla abs; violet leaf absolute; ylang absolute

In perfumery can be used in literary perfumes; mythological perfumes; high class florals

Narcissus in Literature
Never as long as they lived would the children forget the scene before them! The budding trees, the singing of the birds, and the sweet scents that came to them were only part of the great surprise that awaited them. Golden sheets of daffodil and white narcissus bordered the dark evergreen shrubberies; edging the old lawn were clumps of violets and primroses. Hyacinths, tulips, and other bulbs were making the flower beds a mass of bright colour, and the lilac and laburnum trees seemed overweighted with their bloom.
Bulbs and Blossoms, by Amy Le Feuvre


Narcissus, I like to watch you grow
When snow is shining
Beyond the crystal glass.
A coat of snow covers the hills far.
The sun is setting;
And you stretch out flowers of palest white
In the pink of the sun.
Poems By a Little Girl, by Hilda Conkling

Siberia is no doubt as a rule somewhat severe and inhospitable, but M. Patrin mentions with enthusiasm how one day descending from the frozen summits of the Altai, he came suddenly on a view of the plain of the[Pg 29] Obi—the most beautiful spectacle, he says, which he had ever witnessed. Behind him were barren rocks and the snows of winter, in front a great plain, not indeed entirely green, or green only in places, and for the rest covered by three flowers, the purple Siberian Iris, the golden Hemerocallis, and the silvery Narcissus—green, purple, gold, and white, as far as the eye could reach.
The Beauties of Nature, by Sir John Lubbock

"Go out, in the spring time, among the meadows that slope from the shores of the Swiss lakes to the roots of their lower mountains. There, mingled with the taller gentians and the white narcissus, the grass grows deep and free, and as you follow the winding mountain paths, beneath arching boughs all veiled and dim with blossom,—paths, that for ever droop and rise over the green banks and mounds sweeping down in scented undulation, steep to the blue water, studded here and there with new mown heaps, filling all the air with fainter sweetness,—look up towards the higher hills, where the waves of everlasting green roll silently into their long inlets among the shadows of the pines; and we may, perhaps, at last know the meaning of those quiet words of the 147th Psalm, 'He maketh the grass to grow upon the mountains.'"
The Beauties of Nature, by Sir John Lubbock

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