Mitti(Baked Earth) Attar/India

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"The real significance of the mitti attar was only revealed to me though when we were in Rajasthan as it had been many years since I was in India during the monsoon season. Seeing the sun baked earth upturned and waiting to receive the rains and feeling the longing of the people for the return of the monsoon connected me once again to the"reason" behind the existence of the attar. This odor was for the people a reminder of one of the most sacred and important events of their lives. Ramakant also explained to me that from the scientific level when the earth becomes depleted of moisture the soil organisms, numbering 10 million to the teaspoon, become inactive but as soon as the soil receives the rain they are activated again and this activity is most likely the cause for the sublime aroma that is dear to those who love the earth. This exquisite rich, deep, mysterious smell created by the activity of the micro-organisms, invisibly charges the air with its positive influence and one can easily imagine that the earth is in turn thanking the clouds and rain for showering their cooling draughts so that life can return to the land and all nature can rejoice."
Mitti Attar/White Lotus Aromatics

Olfactory Properties of Mitti(baked earth) Attar

The attar of Mitti displays a fine, dry, earthy, punguent aroma that has a delicate, sweet, rooty-spicy undertone with good tenacity.

Mitti Attar is such a special and unique aroma that I would hesitate to add anything to it but certainly for the adventurous perfumer one could add trace amounts of agarwood/oud eo, attar and co2; allspice eo, co2 and abs; angelica root eo, co2 and abs; carrot seed eo, co2 and abs; cedarwood, western red heartwood eo; cedarwood, virginia eo; cinnamon bark co2, eo and abs; cypress eo and abs; elecampange eo and abs; galangal eo; oakmoss abs; patchouli eo, co2 and abs pepper, pink eo and co2; kewda attar and ruh; siamwood eo; turmeric eo and co2; vetiver eo, co2 and abs;

In perfume blending could be used in sacred perfumes, chypres, fougeres, monsoon blends, oriental bases, amber notes, precious woods blends, ayurvedic perfumes

Scent of the Earth in Literature

"You speak like the very spirit of earth, imbued with a scent of freshly turned soil," exclaimed my friend.
The Hall of Fantasy, by Nathaniel Hawthorne

Then rain, and after, moonshine cold and fair,
And scent of earth, sweet with the evening rain,
And slow soft speech beneath the rain-washed trees,
Ah, that such things should never come again!
All Round the Year, by
Edith Nesbit and Saretta Nesbit

April! April! April!
With a mist of green on the trees--
And a scent of the warm brown broken earth
On every wandering breeze;
What, though thou be changeful,
Though thy gold turns to grey again,
There's a robin out yonder singing,
Singing in the rain.
The Miracle and Other Poems, by Virna Sheard

The coyote is your true water-witch, one who snuffs and paws, snuffs and
paws again at the smallest spot of moisture-scented earth until he has
freed the blind water from the soil. Many water-holes are no more than
this detected by the lean hobo of the hills in localities where not even
an Indian would look for it.
The Land of Little Rain, by Mary Austin

Meanwhile, toward the west, a vast marine picture, like a panorama on wheels, was accompanying us all the way. Sometimes at our feet, beneath the seamy fissures of a hillside, or far removed by sweep of meadow, lay the fluctuant mass we call the sea. It was all a glassy yellow surface now; into the liquid mirror the polychrome sails sent down long lines of color. The sun had sunk beyond the Havre hills, but the flame of his mantle still swept the sky. And into this twilight there crept up from the earth a subtle, delicious scent and smell—the smell and perfume of spring—of the ardent, vigorous, unspent Normandy spring.
In and Out of Three Normady Inns by Anna Bowman Dodd

"For it is clean dirt," she laughingly said, when Miss Dorothy playfully scolded her for it. "This kind of dirt is healthful, and it isn't going to hurt me if a few dusty twigs or a bit of dried grass or weeds should cling to my gown. You must remember, Sister Dorothy, there are different kinds of dirt. I haven't any respect for grease spots or for clothes soiled from wearing them too long. I don't like that kind of dirt, but to get close to dear old mother earth, and have a scent of her fresh soil once in a while is what I enjoy. It is delightful. I like nature too well to stand on ceremony with her."
Dickey Downy, by Virginia Sharpe Patterson

Above all there came to his nostrils the scent of summer, the smell of flowers mingled, and the odour of the woods, of cool shaded places, deep in the green depths, drawn forth by the sun's heat; and the scent of the good earth, lying as it were with arms stretched forth, and smiling lips, overpowered all. His fancies made him wander, as he had wandered long ago, from the fields into the wood, tracking a little path between the shining undergrowth of beech-trees; and the trickle of water dropping from the limestone rock sounded as a clear melody in the dream.
The Great God Pan, by Arthur Machen