Monday, August 22, 2016

Fragancia de la Noche(Fragrance of the Night)

Fragancia de la Noche(Fragrance of the Night)

In the Facebook of yesterday I took up the theme of Spain, the aromatic plants and oils distilled from them, images of the many incredible landscapes, various foods and beverages, music and literature related to fragrance in Spain.
One of the most enjoyable perfume exercises is to create special essences that in some way reflect the ambiance of a particular country and this one can do by studying the many fascinating aspects of that culture which are included in the above. It helps one get in a creative "mood" for perfume blending.
There are innumerable approaches to creating a thematic perfume and one has to personally respond to the information that attracts them so it is unlikely that two people will come up with the same blend which is what makes the exercise such an attractive one.
The following recipe is one that I like drawing upon essences that are derived from aromatic plants that can be found in Spain but not necessarily extracted or distilled there.
I hope it provides some ideas for others to build upon. Remember that any perfume blend needs to age for 6 months before one truly knows what it smells like as that is the time it takes for individual essences to meld and mature together into a harmonious unit.
The essences included are ones available in the White Lotus Aromatics palette of offerings.
Fragrance de la Noche(Fragrance of the Night)
All such formulas are meant to be tweaked according to ones personal olfactory perception. It is equally important to remember that each and every essence has its own unique aromatic personality depending on the country of origin, the distillation or extraction technique, the specific environment in which it grows, etc.
The world of natural essences is characterized by variety, hence ones creations will be always unique, special and difficult to repeat.
Lastly, the above formula is the concentrated essence base. Once one has put the final touches on their creation, then it will need to be diluted in the carrier oil, solid perfume base(beeswax/carrier oil) or perfumers alcohol of ones choice. The dilution rate depends on the end use and can be as little as 5%-30% of essence to diluent.

Dream Time Essence(a perfume recipe in honor of the aromatic botanicals and people of Australia)

Dream Time Essence(a perfume recipe in honor of the aromatic botanicals and people of Australia)

A few days back I posted a number of links on Australia, her aromatic botanicals, music, places of natural beauty, etc just as occurred with the posts on Spain. 
The Dream Time Essence recipe/formula has been created in appreciation of that great and ancient land. The recipe can be tweaked in numerous directions but hopefully may provide others with some inspiration for their own fabulous perfumes. I have provided links to the different essences offered by White Lotus Aromatics of which it is composed. Naturally the essences can be sourced from many different companies as per ones preferences.
The links may prove helpful in any case as they provide olfactory descriptions of each essence.
Dream Time Essence
Remember to let your composition age for 6 months. At that point you will have a good sense of its true bouquet.
Then blend it into the diluent of your choice be it perfumers alcohol, solid perfume base(beeswax/carrier oil) or carrier oil.

Macchie Grecian Perfume

Macchie or Maquis is a word given to the combined essence of fragrant shrubs covering the hillsides of Greece and the surrounding Mediterranean Islands. These shrubs include juniper, lavender, juniper, cistus, mastic, geranium, arbutus, pine, broom, rosemary, and olive.
The combined bouquet of these aromatic plants is renowned for its perfume which can be smelled far out to sea.
The Macchie Grecian Perfume is created in honor of this unique aromatic grouping of plants as designed and created by Natures own design.
Remember that the above recipe is simply a perfume creation according to my own personal likes. I do not blend professionally so do not have any knowledge of what might appeal to folks in general.
Formulas are, in any case, shared to inspire others to follow their own vision of what is aromatically beautiful.
Remember always to allow your perfumes to age 6 months from the time of blending the essences as it requires that much time for all the components of the perfume to settle into a balanced relationship with each other.